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Download the Voluntary Self Identification form and let us know who you are.

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board has implemented a voluntary Aboriginal self identification policy to better meet the needs of Aboriginal learners. The voluntary self identification process provides data that will lead to opportunities for students in Aboriginal Education. These opportunities will provide specific programs to schools to increase success for all Aboriginal students.

It is the policy of the Sudbury Catholic District School Board to address the needs of Aboriginal students who experience gaps in their education by putting into place measures that respond to their particular needs. All Aboriginal students and their parents will be given the opportunity to voluntarily self identify so that their academic needs may be better addressed. In its commitment to ensure these measures, the School Board will establish a self identification procedure to identify, collect and aggregate student achievement data for Aboriginal students.

The learning aspirations and potentials of Aboriginal students can be realized through a responsive, transparent and accountable policy that focuses on improved educational programs and services and builds on strong partnerships with Aboriginal parents and communities.
Voluntary Aboriginal Self Identification allows the Board to collect and aggregate student achievement data to monitor the performance of Aboriginal students. Continued data collection and analysis will provide information for future decision making, surrounding Aboriginal student success.

This policy will evolve as the Board seeks to improve achievement and program delivery for Aboriginal students. For implementation and future refinement of this policy, the following principles will be used as a guide.
Implemented measures will be used and evaluated regularly based on their:

• Transparency, Inclusiveness
• Innovation, Learner-centeredness
• Equality, Responsiveness
• Collaboration, Respect of individual privacy and dignity
• Results—oriented,
• Acknowledgement and reflection of cultural diversity
• Contribution to the knowledge base through research

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